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Publications and transcriptions



  • GRAHAM REES, 'The King's Printers' Bible Monopoly in the Reign of James I', in Negotiating the Jacobean Printed Book, ed. by Pete Langham, Ashgate, 2011
  • GRAHAM REES and MARIA WAKELY, Publishing, Politics, and Culture: The King's Printers in the Reign of James I & VI, Oxford University Press, 2009
  • ed. GRAHAM REES (with MARIA WAKELY) The Oxford Francis Bacon XI: Novum Organum and Related Writings, The Clarendon Press: Oxford, 2004 (researches for this volume (see especially pp. xcviii-cxxiii, 592-603) first alerted us to the rich and strange practices of the King’s Printers).
  • MARIA WAKELY and GRAHAM REES ‘Folios Fit for a King: James I, John Bill, and the King’s Printers, 1616-20’, Huntington Library Quarterly, 68, no. 3 (2005) 467-95.
  • MARIA WAKELY, ‘Printing and Double-Dealing in Jacobean England: Robert Barker, John Bill, and Bonham Norton’, The Library, vol. 8, no. 2 (2007) 119-153.
  • Transcriptions and Images of Chancery documents (located at the National Archives)  associated with the King’s Printing House during the reign of James I (see TRANSCRIPTIONS: CONTENTS PAGE).
  • MARIA WAKELY, ‘The King’s Printing House: its Labour Force and Professional Advisers, 1603-1625’ (see TRANSCRIPTIONS: CONTENTS PAGE).
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